Art Journals
This year we are going to be creating our own personal art journals.
Art Journals can be filled with anything; doodles, mixed media, collages, pictures,. computer printouts...really anything that comes to mind.
Art Journals come in a variety of shapes and sizes and every one of them is unique.

Click on the journal below to take a look around and check out some of the ideas I have pinned to get you started.
dreamcatcher journal page.jpg

Your Art Journals will be evaluated for completeness (you should fill the entire journal over the course of the semester), as well as you will select some of your favourite pages to be evaluated.
So try new things, if they don't work out, no pressure.
Here are some of my favourite designs and ideas that I have come across so far:
cut out.jpgI am.jpgthe moon.jpgfound poem.jpgbucket list.jpg

i am ok.jpg

3D Name Sculpture
Use whatever media you wish (cardboard, paper, cardstock, glitter, feathers, paint, markers, etc) to create a 3D sculture of your name.You will be graded primarily on neatness, creativity, and effort.

Middle School Name Sculptures: paper, markers, tape
Middle School Name Sculptures: paper, markers, tape

Name-Scuptures 2.jpg
Click here for a link to a website that provides instructions for how to do this assignment. If you want to do your own thing, that's fine but this has some useful steps to check out.

name sculpure.jpg

Pop Art

pop art.jpg
Great lesson plan by Artful Artsy Amy. Click on the above picture for a link to her blog.

Mike's Candy Wrappers

Ukrainian Easter Eggs
external image 6.jpg
external image 8.jpg
external image 9.jpg

Haida Art

Haida Artists and Their Artwork


Examples of Optical Illusion Art

Optical Illusion Cubes.jpg

optical shift.jpg

swirl optical.jpg

swirly lines optical illusion.jpg

ball optical illusion.jpg

3D Hand Art.jpg
optical heart.jpg

Line Design w/ Shading- The Steps Credit for this lesson goes to this awesome blog Art with Mr. E

All you need is paper, Sharpie, and colored pencils!

external image BlogPics+007.jpg

Start by drawing a curve line across the paper. Think rolling hill...not roller coaster!

external image BlogPics+008.jpg

Add 8 dots across the line. They could be(should be) at different lengths apart. You need a dot at realtively close to the edges of your paper.

external image BlogPics+009.jpg

You will then start connecting the dots. The dots close to the edge will go off the edge of the paper to an imaginary dot. You can not cross over any lines. However, you can share a line as you begin going up and out. The lines should be taken off the edge of the paper as you extend outwords. Some sections may be pinched off as other sections grow larger...and that is totally ok.

external image BlogPics+002.jpg

This is a students work that's a great example of what it should look like. The students should pick a group of colors they feel work well together. The will press harder in the corners...and as they near the center get lighter and lighter. This is a great way to practice with pressure control!!!
Step By Step Instructions for Tornado Optical Illusions

Proud Mary-Rollin'

How can music express our identity? This is the question that the grade 10s are about to answer.

Each student is creating his or her own CD or playlist with ten to fifteen songs that showcase some unique aspect of his or her identity. Each song requires a three sentence write up explaining how it connects to the student's life. These songs should be from different artists and/or composers in order to fully represent that variety that is your life. ALL SONGS MUST BE SCHOOL APPROPRIATE.

Students are also creating cover art for their CDs.

Here are some of many sites you can go to that allow you to listen to free music:




You Tube

Groove Shark

You do not need to provide the actual burnt cd for the assignment.