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Part A: Weather Journal- 10 days

The students record specific weather data over 10 days. The students develop a chart to record the following: barometric pressure, high and low temperatures of the day, precipitation, UV index, wind-chill and wind speed/direction.

At the completion of their data collection, they will choose 3 of the weather values they have been recording and graph them.


Part B: Quirky Weather Quest

Students may choose to do this independently or with a partner, They can also do it as a class presentation or hand it in. We are researching "intriguing weather phenomena". The student or partner pair chooses a topic and researches the scientific explanation for the phenomena – when, where, how, what etc. This can be completed by either creating a poster board or a power point presentation. The students should be teaching their classmates everything they need to learn about this weather phenomena and be able to answer relevant questions about the topic.

Here are the topics you can choose from:
  • doldrums, hypercane, Chinook, diamond dust, “Bear’s Cage”, sun pillar, mirage, “Brocken Bow” or glory, “Green Flash”, “Blue jets”, “sprites and elves”, sun dogs, “St. Elmo’s Fire”, crepuscular rays, ball lightning, fulgurite;
  • winds – Haboob, Santa Ana, Nor’easter, anabatic, katabatic, Bora, buran and mistral winds,
  • hoarfrost, downbursts, microbursts, etc…