English A10
Throughout your English A10 course, you will be expected to read, watch,and respond to a variety of different text forms.

Module One- Success Versus Failure /25Read and respond to different poems:-"Ex-Basketball Player"-"If"-"Cooks Brook"-"Fast Break"
Create a Copy and Change Poem or Free Verse PoemCreate an Alphabet Poem

Graphic Organizer for Fairy Tale Examples

Module Two- Independent Book Report and Creative Writing /25Students will choose a book of their choice and will complete a book report on that book.Students will look through the book "Mysteries of Harris Burdick" and respond by creating a story of their own to go with one of the illustrations.
Mysteries of Harris Burdick

Module Three- World Issues /25Students will use a variety of media forms to learn about, then write an essay, comparing the assimilation policies of Australia and Canada.-Watch "Rabbit Proof Fence"- Watch " Where the Spirit Lives"-Research a variety of online sources including those listed below.Methods of Asimilation
-Complete the graphic organizerCompare and Contrast Map

-Write a comparative essay.
Module Four-Student Choice Book Project /25Student will choose a book of their choice and respond to it in a creative way. They can either choose one of the ideas listed or propose their own idea.

English B10

Getting Started on Writing a Biography

Completed Example

How to Write an Effective Essay

Dystopian Online Flashcards

Bread Assignment

Online Audio Book for The Giver by Lois Lowry

the giver.jpg

An Online Audio Book for The Hunger Games can be accessed via YouTube